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Presenting Wedding Gift official “Trailer” starring Prema, Nishan, Sonu, Pavitra Lokesh, Achyuth Kumar, and others. #WeddingGiftMovie #VikramPrabhuFilms “Wedding Gift” Releasing soon. 

The plot could be more interesting in this way: The seven days, four days or two days of marriage is the foundation for the upcoming life. Sometimes it is messed up. Sometimes it is a boon.



Our Vikram Prabhu speaks, “From not having enough money to buy movie tickets to producing a Kannada movie with crores of budget…
From a Salesman to Stock market Trader to a Film maker, all in just three years… My dream of Producing and directing a full-length feature film got fulfilled… And one more item from my long list of a bucket list is ticked off”.

vikram prabhu films_wedding gift


Ready 1,2, Roll.
#dubbing of the film #WeddingGiftMovie is on with the @ncprema and the captain of ship @pivotcall2020 


vikram prabhu films_director

I personally adore this legendary filmmaker and consider his movies like Bhagavadgeetha or Bible. And, that’s the reason you see his pictures and film posters all around the office.

The Kannada film industry in the 1960s and the 1970s started moving from mythological and historical subjects to socially relevant themes. This metamorphosis was reflected in the rise of bandaaya sahitya or rebellious literature.

The New Wave Cinema or Alternate Cinema movement spread across India, particularly in Karnataka, West Bengal and Kerala.

Puttanna Kannagal broke all the norms and was also considered as a pioneer in picturising songs. In general, his movies contained 4–5 songs. Even with respect to song picturisation, Puttanna had a strong sense of colour and imagery. He would go to great lengths to select the locations and costumes for a song. The songs generally reflected the inherent mood of the film. 

He was well known for his effective use of freeze shots and negative images to heighten the introspective effect of key scenes. Although his films were accused of being too woman-centric, Puttanna personally felt that such notions were wrong.

vikram prabhu films_director
vikram prabhu films_director